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Official Hula Trainer™

  • Burn Calories While Having Fun:  Burn up to 500 calories/hr
  • Adjustable Size: Adjustable sections that can to fit to size
  • LED Counter:  LED display for counting rotations, time, & calories
  • Adjustable Weight:  0.65Ib of weight can be adjusted up or down
  • No Experience Needed: Easy & fun to use with no fall design  

Join the New Hula hoop Fitness revolution


About Official Hula Trainer™

At Official Hula Trainer™ we are committed to helping our customers accomplish their fitness goals with a fun new twist on a years old playground toy - the Hula Hoop! With our newly designed, no-fall Hula Trainer™, you can have the same fun you had as a child except now you can achieve that waistline you have always wanted. Commit to being fit and join the Hula Revolution!

Official Hula Trainer Pro™

waist shaping

Official Hula Trainer Pro™

fat buring

Official Hula Trainer Pro™

leg slimming

Official Hula Trainer Pro™


Official Hula Trainer Pro™

arm tonig

Official Hula Trainer Pro™

A Revolutionary Way to Stay Fit

Official Hula Trainer™ offers a fun new way to stay fit by combining an old favorite past time of hula hooping with a fresh new design. The Hula Trainer™ won't fall down as you rotate core, hip, and leg muscles so you can continuously burn calories at a rate of up to 500 calories per/hr without any interruptions!

Official Hula Trainer Pro™
Official Hula Trainer Pro™

Getting Fit Just Got fun

The Official Hula Trainer™ is designed to be portable, lightweight, and easily disassembled so you can enjoy a high-intensity, calorie-burning workout anytime, anywhere. The newly designed hula hoop is perfect for use at home, in the office or anywhere on the go! 



100% committed to quality

Official Hula Trainer Pro™ is committed to providing a premium workout equipment experience for each one of our customers. We inspect all of our products to ensure we deliver high-quality equipment so every one of our customer can begin reaching their fitness goals the day our Hula Trainer™ arrives to your door.

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Rated 4.9 Stars By 1,400+ Satisfied Customers